So I’ve learned an important lesson this week: once you put something on the Internet – it is no longer in your control. One of my panels ended up being shared more than I’d ever expect and that’s great. I mean, this is what we all want – to get our stuff to the greatest number of readers possible. And to some extent I’m happy because it was shared by, let’s call them “the right crowd”. But this is Internet, so obviously it also ended up on some websites not only not directly linking to this website, but also not giving any credit to me. This is something I was aware could happen, so no biggie.
What bothers me is that it also landed on pages where it was so badly misinterpreted or misunderstood and comments flooded with racial slur. Again, it’s the Internet so I could just sit back and go on with my life. And I would if I didn’t really hate that type of behaviour. But instead of calling those people idiots, I thought I’d rather draw another comic. They might misunderstand it again, but there’s bigger chance they’ll get it this time in drawing, as it seems that logical arguments are not their stronger suit.
I might lose some audience, which is not that big anyway, but I don’t care. I will not stand by racist behaviour and I wish not to be associated with it.
For the rest of you who enjoy this doodles: thank you. Here’s one for you.

↓ Transcript
Woman [White power t-shirt]: Kill the scum!
Me: Hey, baby! Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven? Because you behave like you've banged your head really hard against the ground.